Hersh Bike - customized carbon frame for Road Bike, MTB or E-Bike
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La Fabio Casartelli 2024
Corsa ciclistica - Fabio Casartelli ad Albese con Cassano (CO)

HERSH is an Italian company that customizes every component of the bicycle and the frame with personalized painting. We offer an exclusive line of made in Italy carbon frames and bikes, cured in every detail.

The sale can be online or through a selected number of dealers who decided to embrace our philosophy. Believe in something real…

HERSH‘s strengths are made in Italy carbon bespoke frames, handmade by our partner companies, a complete range of ROAD and MTB bikes, the pre and post sales service, the ability to understand the customer needs and translate them into high performing bikes.

Enter the HERSH world and you’ll understand our word concreteness.
Believe in something real!

HERSH - High Energy Race Sport History

The concept of Hersh is driven by our passion to deliver the ultimate product and utmost experience to every one of our customers. With an uncompromising approach, we guide you through every detail of tuning and refining to build and perfect your dream bike.