Cycling Starts from Schools

HERSH Tells the Magic of Bicycles

On Wednesday, February 21st, an event was held with students from schools in Laigueglia, one week before the 61st edition of the Trofeo Laigueglia scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th. Mayor Giorgio Manfredi was also present, while teacher and city councilor Lucia Facchineri coordinated the initiative. Marco Pavarini, Raffaele Fumagalli, and Matteo Conforti addressed the young students, narrating the history of the Trofeo and its significance for the territory, as well as providing insights related to road safety.

For decades, the Trofeo Laigueglia has been an important international cycling event and a promotional tool for the Ligurian Riviera. The 61st edition of the international race for professional cyclists will take place on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, and as preparations for the sporting event are underway, the Trofeo Laigueglia has… also entered the schools. This happened on Wednesday, February 21st, involving both primary and secondary schools of the village nestled between Capo Mele and Capo Santa Croce.

The initiative, which also saw the participation of Mayor Giorgio Manfredi and was coordinated by teacher and city councilor Lucia Facchineri, involved various figures from the world of cycling who were able to share the value of cycling and the Trofeo Laigueglia from different perspectives.

Among those who spoke to the students was Marco Pavarini, director – alongside Marco Selleri – of ExtraGiro, the company appointed by the Municipality of Laigueglia for the technical organization of the Trofeo. Pavarini talked to the students about the importance of sporting events like the Trofeo Laigueglia in promoting and showcasing the territory, and its relevance for operators working in the area. He recalled how this tradition originated from the commitment of their grandparents and the generation who conceived the event in the sixties.

Raffaele Fumagalli also intervened on behalf of ACSI Cycling, a sports promotion organization chaired by Emiliano Borgna, engaging students in a journey towards cycling and bicycle awareness and road safety education. Matteo Conforti, a former cyclist who now works as an Advertising agent for BiciSport and Cicloturismo shared more insights about the world of cycling, both from a competitive and touristic perspective, offering additional inspiration to children and teenagers.

It was a valuable educational moment dedicated to the history of the Trofeo Laigueglia, an important event for a territory always in love with cycling and its athletes, and to the promotion among young people of bicycles, an instrument that is an integral part of the development of more sustainable mobility and of which today’s youth will be tomorrow’s key actors

source: Ufficio Stampa ExtraGiro