How exciting!!!

A great emotion for all our fans and not only!!! First Antonio Di Sante, who shewed off with a 150km breakaway and by winning the KOM at Trofeo Matteotti on the roads of his region. “It has been a wonderful emotion for me to make a breakaway on the home roads – explains Di Sante – it has been fantastic to hear the support of all the people I know and all the people on the roads. Trofeo Matteotti has always been the race of my dreams since I was a child and having honoured it makes me very proud”.

A positive remark goes to the whole Team and in particular to Marco Tizza who tried more times to make a breakaway and to our sprinter Antonino Parrinello, who in the sprint ended up with a 7th place.

In the final classification Adriano Brogi got a 12th place and Marco Tizza an 18th place.