Great agreement!

Santini, prestigious brand of Made in Italy excellence, will be one of the partners of the Under 23 Team, that Hersh will sponsor in 2018.

After the great presentation, only a few details were missing to start this new season in the best way.

Santini, already sponsor of the Professional Team NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini,  will supply the kits of the Under 23 Team too, of which we are technical sponsor with our bikes.

The Professional Team and the Under 23 Team are united by a strong bond and continuity project and this is proved not only by the presence of the same technical sponsor, but also by the use of the same colors: the blue with orange edges, which will be the hallmark of GM Europa Ovini Vini Fantini too.

We’ll be back soon with the presentation of the new 2018 Team Bike.