GM Europa Ovini 2017 starts with great style

Among other guests Emidio Morganti, Elenito Di Liberatore, the voice actor Christian Iansante, the president of Proger Chieti Gianni Di Cosmo, President of Vini Fantini Valentino Sciotti and Dr. Mario Pupillo, president of the Province of Chieti, were present.

As explained by Gabriele Marchesani, “it’s the third year of activity of activity, three years in which the company Europa Ovini has got not only great visibility, but also strong connection to top athletes. This year we start with a nearly completely new team in order to even moreimprove our performance. After four victories of last season my partner Ezio Panzeri and I hope to still take a lot of satisfactions. Cycling will always remain the most important showcase for Europa Ovini, but our brand wants to be connected to the sport in general, that’s why tonight there are so many celebrities from different sports. “ Another important moment of the evening was the video message posted by Juri Chechi, the team’s spokesperson, who could not be present because of a flu attack. Many other videos summarizing the careers of some celebrities were shown. Moreover the team made two donations to Massimo Oddo Onlus and to Chieti and Pescara AIL Onlus, Italian Leukemia Lymphoma and Myeloma Association.

A special thanks goes to GADA, sponsor of the evening. GADA is a national leader in the healthcare sector in Italy. The Group offers technological solutions for cardiovascular diseases, for the blood management and control of the infusions and multimarket medical technology, developed by leading manufacturers, as well as a wide range of integrated health care services. The team will keep riding Hersh bike, directeur sportif are Alessandro Donati, Dmitry Nikandrov and Pierluigi Terrinoni.

This is 2017 roster, debuting at the GP Costa degli Etruschi on February 5:

Sebastian Lander
Antonino Parrinello
Davide Pacchiardo
Antonio Di Sante
Andrea Ruscetta
Mirko Iafrati
Francesco Gabriele
Piergiorgio Cardarilli
Rossano Mauti
Adriano Brogi
Andrea Di Federico
Matteo Rotondi
Francesco Canepa
Leonardo Canepa
Marco Tizza