Hersh Moon – carbon bottle cage

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Hersh Moon – carbon bottle cage

There are a lot of bottle cages on the market, but Hersh bottle cages are very different… why?
Our first bottle cage in carbon fibre is the model Elegance: it has elegant and sinuous lines which perfectly match with your bike and is extremely light. Our second bottle cage in carbon fibre is our model Moon with a much more “aggressive”, exclusive and very modern look, nearly minimal.
And the weight? The model Elegance is superlight and weighs 17g, Moon weighs 20g.
But what is the big difference between these carbon bottle cages and the others available on the market? The Hersh bottle cages in carbon fibre have a big adavantage: the colour choice! Exactly: at Hersh we already offer this service for your bike and from now on we will offer it for your carbon bottle cages too!
You can choose among the classical black and white and other 5 different colors, either in glossy or matt finish. Both finishes are very easy to clean

Installation instructions:
The bottle cages can be easily installed with the 2 bolts and 2 washers you’ll find in the package.

  1. Place your bottle cage on the frame
  2. Put a light layer of grease on the bottle cage bolt threads.
  3. While holding the bottle cage in proper position, drive the first bolt and the washer without tightening it.
  4. Put the second bolt and washer and finally tighten both bolts.
  5. Tighten the bolts to maximum 0.09-0.12 Nm torque.