Long sleeves jersey Como

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Long sleeves jersey Como

With the new collection COMO, Hersh strived for the top by searching the best combination between technology and price! We haven’t just taken the so called technical fabrics and tailored a nice garment by following the market trends, we decided to do research by starting from the beginning.

  1. Yarn research
  2. Weave research
  3. Threads per inch
  4. The right fabric count
  5. Tailoring with attention to detail
  6. A graphic in HERSH style
  7. All 100% Made in Italy

Exactly: everything is made in Italy because only like this we can have every step, every detail under control and we can offer a real revolution.

The HERSH long sleeves jersey has a top fit and gives a pleasant warmth feeling to the whole body thanks to the inside brushed fleece.
The highly breathable front part keeps the body at a comfort temperature. The sleeves in Super Roubaix fabric grant a great adherent fit and aerodynamics .
The orange stripe on the sleeves improve visibility in all the situations.
All the fabrics and the manufacturing are MADE IN ITALY to grant a high quality.