Davide Rebellin on Hersh

Team Pro 2021

There are challenges that seem impossible. Sometimes you get very near, sometimes you almost achieve the goal; but perserverance, audacity and experience at the end help to reach the goal you’ve set.

There are jerseys that all the young athletes dream to wear: the pink jersey, the yellow jersey, the world champion jersey and… the olympic jersey.

We are very proud to announce that this year an Olympic Champion will ride the HERSH bikes, an athlete that reached his goal and could feel one of the strongest cyclists ever.

We’re talking of Davide Rebellin. A champion that for another year will ride on our roads, in our races and with whom we will share many challenges and hopefully many victories. The Continental Pro French/Cambodian Team Cambodia Cycling Academy will ride the HERSH bikes with a special limited Edition painting we developed only for them. Stay tuned for the next news!